The story of a photographer

Photography is more than a hobby to me. It is a preservation of the human experience. It allows us to remember how it felt to walk full of jitters towards the love of our life on our Big Day. It forever freezes our moments of candid happiness, and enables us to revel in the glowing beauty of first, second, fourth pregnancies, graduating college, falling in love, or just looking really really good. I ache to be able to capture these moments, and leave my mark in people's experience through beautifully natural photographs.

I grew up in San Diego, California but I call Charleston, South Carolina home.

You can catch me day dreaming about honey lavender lattes, Ford Broncos, Polaroid cameras, thunderstorms, the West Coast, and what new hairstyle I'm going to try next.


Sarah & Marcus

“Julia’s photography is so special! I’ve had the pleasure of watching her move from photography as a hobby and passion to making it her job as she grew in confidence. My husband and I used her for our engagement photos and for our wedding. She made it so easy!”

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